Greetings from Switzerland

Greetings from Switzerland

Discover the spirit of Bally through the
eyes of creative director Rhuigi
Villaseñor as he voyages into

Combining heritage and craftsmanship with a bold new vision,
Rhuigi Villaseñor presents an interpretation of the brand’s Swiss origins.
An exploration of the Bally Archive, along with his travels through
Switzerland, inspire an homage to signature brand codes through a fresh lens.

Photographer Valentin Herfray, who often plays with one’s
perception of reality in his work, captures this moment of change for Bally.
The creative team is joined by fine art-influenced stylist Imruh
Asha, and together they bring to life a series of elevated and at times
unexpected scenes of Switzerland.

Whether it's an image of a model wearing an archival Bally scarf
aboard a boat on a lake (complete with swan, of course) or a man
wearing edelweiss flowers in his hair against an alpine background,
every detail is carefully curated.

Whatever the scene, there is only one backdrop—Switzerland.
Think pristine mountain landscapes, idyllic lakes, alpine flora and
fauna, and a glimpse of what is to come.

We invite you to join us on this journey.